About Us

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The Ancient Earthworks Society of Wisconsin (AES) is a nonprofit educational, scientific and research organization incorporated in Wisconsin to preserve, research, document, protect and honor Wisconsin’s prehistoric earthworks and associated landscapes.

Become A Member

Please consider joining us, as your membership and volunteerism directly helps us reach our stated vision and goals! Together we are working to increase the knowledge and awareness of Wisconsin’s sacred ancient history that is interwoven with the landscape around us. We are a 501(c)3 charitable organization, and donations are tax deductible. If you are not able to contribute monetarily, please consider donating some time as a volunteer, and join us for our monthly meetings, where all are welcome.

Annual membership dues are as follows:

Individual $25.00 ­

Student / Senior 55+ $20.00 ­

Family $35.00

Lifetime $250.00

To join, please fill out this PDF form AESMembershipForm2016 and return it to us at the next membership meeting or by mail at:

The Ancient Earthworks Society of Wisconsin – PO Box 8444 – Madison, WI 53708-8444

Our Vision Statement:

In the 21st Century, Wisconsin will become widely recognized as the center of a world class cultural heritage: the Effigy Mound Culture. Residents of all ages will know about and value their ancient heritage. Some will work to protect remnants of the state’s ancient earthworks and the landscape of which they are a part out of respect for their intrinsic value, while others will promote preservation of the remaining fragments of our prehistory due to economic and other considerations.

Do you have business, non-profit, or executive board experience? Maybe you’re an expert project manager or fundraiser… We’d love your help and guidance in making AES more productive and enjoyable! Please speak to any of the current Board members at the next meeting, or give Tom Solberg a call at 608-513-9475. You can also email us at ancientearthworks@gmail.com.

Executive Board of the Ancient Earthworks Society

President – Tom Solberg

Vice-president – Donna Stehling

Treasurer – Bill Stehling

Secretary – Lisa Roman

Advisory Board

Emeritus Director: Dr. James Scherz, Ph.D – Professor Emeritus, UW-Madison

Archaeological Consulting – Kurt Sampson & Chris Veit – Gathering Waters Archaeology, LLC

Research Director: Dave Weier

Research Committee: Jay Mullins, Gordon Schmitt

Technical Advisors: Tony Roman; Doug Norgord – Geographic Techniques

Filming & Photography: Todd Rongstad – Word of Eye Productions; also Tom Solberg, Donna Stehling, Dave Weier, Tony Roman, Lisa Roman, and members.

Webmaster & Social Media: Lisa Roman