Mound Sites

Wisconsin has the highest concentration of effigy mounds in the United States and the Madison area has one of the highest concentration of effigy mounds remaining. Most mounds were lost to 19th century agricultural practices and city development. We are working at sharing the information we have gathered about mound sites that are preserved on public property. Some of these sites are more accessible than others, we will try to note that as well.

aesmapEffigy Mounds of the Yahara River Watershed Story Map

The Ancient Earthworks Society of Wisconsin is proud to present this interactive map to act as a guide to the fascinating Native American Indian culture and its strong heritage of effigy mound building that is unique to this part of the world. This map is one of several of interactive maps designed to educate the public of the value of mound sites and spur action into the preservation of all sacred sites.

Please join us as we take you on a tour across the reaches of the Yahara River in the land of the Ho-Chunk people, a region rich in the remains of ancient civilization and native tradition.

We Need Your Feedback

We hope you find this map useful, however, it is a work in progress and far from complete. Mound site content and links may be added or change as we find more appropriate sources of information. And we need your help to make it even better!

Please send us your comments about the map and any observations you have regarding these and other mound sites. We can be reached at

Story Map Contributors

Thank you to the volunteers at the Ancient Earthworks Society of Wisconsin for their dedicated efforts to map, register, and catalog numerous mound sites across the region; Andrew Khitsun at; Daniel Einstein, Historic and Cultural Resources Manager at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; Lisa Roman; Wisconsin Historical Society; Douglas Norgord, Geographic Techniques LLC.

Our list of publicly accessible effigy mound sites in Wisconsin, sorted by county:

Baraboo/Dells/Devils Lake

  • Lake Delton
  • Lake Pepin
  • Bow&Arrow effigy


  • Rice Lake


  • High Cliff State Park
  • Calumet County Park

Central WI Mounds

  • Panther Mound of Mauston
  • Nitschke Mounds County Park
  • Taylor Lake Mound
  • New Lisbon Indian Mounds Park
  • Upper Whiting Park
  • Whistler Mounds Park
  • Lake Emily County Park
  • Cranberry Creek
  • Plainfield Tunnel Channel Lakes SNA


  • Kingsley Bend


  • Arboretum
  • Blackhawk Country Club Mound Group
  • Burrows Park Effigy Mound and Campsite
  • Charles E. Brown Indian Mounds
  • Cherokee Marsh
  • Eagle Heights
  • Edgewood College Mound Group Archeological District
  • Edna Taylor Conservancy
  • Elmside Park Mounds
  • Elvehjem Sanctuary
  • Farwell’s Point Mound Group
  • Forest Hill Cemetery Mound Group
  • Goodland Co. Park (Baum Mound Group)
  • Governor Nelson State Park
  • Halvorson Mound Group
  • Heim Mound
  • Hornung Mound Group
  • Hudson Mound – East side of Madison (Mills Woods Mound)
  • Indian Mound Conservation Park (Lewis Mound Group)
  • Kennedy Pond aka Lost Lake
  • Lake Farms Archeological District
  • “Lake Kegonsa State Park”
  • Lewis Mound Group
  • Lower Mud Lake Archeological Complex
  • Mendota State Hospital Mound Group
  • Merrill Springs Mound Group II Archeological District
  • Monona Mound
  • Nondahl Mound Group
  • Observatory Hill Mound Group
  • Outlet Mound
  • Pheasant Branch Conservancy
  • Pflaum-McWilliams Mound Group
  • Picnic Point
  • Siggelkow Park Mound Group
  • “Siggelkow Road Park Mound (Lorraine’s Linear)”
  • Spring Harbor Mound Group
  • Spring Harbor School
  • Sure Johnson Mound Group
  • Stricker Pond
  • Taylor Road Conservancy (Evans & Nelson Group)
  • Tompkins-Brindler Mound Group
  • Vilas Circle Bear Effigy Mound and the Curtis Mounds
  • Vilas Park Mound Group
  • Willow Drive (Lakeshore path on campus)
  • Woodland Park
  • Woodland Commons Park (Dale Group)
  • Yahara Heights County Park


  • Wakanda Park
  • Moore Mound Group


  • Wyalusing State Park


  • Avoca Mounds


  • Panther Intaglio
  • General Atkinson Mound Group/ Jefferson County Indian Mounds & Trail Park
  • Aztalan


  • Indian Mounds Park

Lake Koshkonong, Rock River & area

  • Whitewater Indian Mounds Park
  • “Garman Nature Preserve”
  • Dorothy Carnes County Park
  • Jefferson Tamarack Swamp

Lake Winnebago & area

  • Smith Park

Lower Wisconsin Riverway/Prairie du Sac to Prairie du Chien

  • “Wayside Mounds”
  • Schaefer Bird Mound
  • Wanek Bird Mound
  • Dingman Mound Group
  • Shadewald Mounds
  • Ho-Chunk Mounds
  • Wisconsin Heights Battlefield
  • Town of Roxbury
  • Twin Lizard Mound Group


  • Lake Park

Mississippi Mounds

  • Riverside Cemetary
  • Perrot State Park
  • Myrick Park
  • Riverside Park
  • Limery Ridge
  • Nelson Dewey State Park
  • Nicholls Mound

Northern WI Mounds

  • Chetek
  • Archibald Lake
  • Hudson
  • Lake Tomahawk
  • Bedora Mounds


  • Northern Highlands/American Legion State Forest


  • Man Mound
  • Devil’s Lake


  • Sheboygan Indian Mounds Park

South-Eastern WI Mounds

  • Wehmhoff Mound
  • State Fair Park
  • Totem Mound Park
  • Carroll College
  • Mound Cemetery
  • Beloit College


  • Lizard Mound County Park


  • Cutler Park


  • Whistler Mound Group and Enclosure